Our vision


Connect and create links between players and experts in French tech.


Produce and distribute content with high added value to defend the interests and carry the voice of tech in France.


Promote collaboration between the private sector and research, but also between startups and large groups.

Today more than ever, technology shapes our lives, our economy and our society. It represents as many potential solutions to the problems of our time as it has facets and fields of application. And in this time of climate emergency, its role is even becoming vital.

However, these solutions could never see the light of day without the work and daring of the players who make up tech, whether they are startups, scale-ups, large groups, research centers or investors. They are sometimes without knowing it, the ambassadors of a better, fairer, more optimized, more efficient world.

It is to make the voices of these women and men heard that Tech France Ambassadeurs finds its “raison d’être”. Always at the service of these experts who make technology and constantly innovate in all sectors, TFA gives them the means to collaborate, in France and internationally, defends their interests with decision-makers to preserve their precious added value, and promotes their work to the general public.

Tech France Ambassadeurs is a private initiative, designed by and for tech players.

TFA is a member of the Global Tech Advocates network, and advocates openness to the world and thinking on a global scale to advance tech even faster.