Tech France Advocates organised its 1st afterwork in Paris

Afterwork Tech France Advocates

A first meeting around the notion of Fair Tech

On Thursday October 14, 2021, about ten of us met in the 15th arrondissement of Paris for the very first meeting of the Tech France Advocates.

It was an opportunity for us to share an informal and relaxed moment between actors who want to build a network committed to an ambitious, sustainable and meaningful Tech.

Here’s what we took away:

“Tech can exacerbate an unequal side”

The idea emerged that the Tech sector tended to have a magnifying effect on the failings of liberal capitalism: the overconsumption of resources, the marginalisation of part of the population, the malaise at work of some employees…

The concept of Fair Tech would then encompass a vision and practices aimed at counterbalancing these effects.

“We have hope!

Overall, the guests of this afterwork are rather optimistic about the future. We are already seeing concrete developments, things are changing but it seems a little too slow.

There is still a lot of work before reaching the ideal of a “product-oriented” rather than “money-oriented” Fair Tech, promoting inclusion and well-being at work or even concerned about its environmental impact. (if not at the service of climatic and ecological challenges).

“We haven’t even scratched the surface”

It seems obvious that Tech has not yet revealed its full potential and that its place is already crucial in the face of the challenges of our time, in France and around the world.

All the participants of this first TFA event agree that they feel personally concerned by social and environmental issues. There is a notable desire to have a positive impact beyond CSR bullshit and the greenwashing of many players.

Reservations about France’s competitiveness…

…constrained by regulations that are often more restrictive than those of its neighbours or major powers such as China or the United States.

If Tech knows no borders, French entrepreneurship comes up against a tough competitive threat from abroad. The question then arises: how can French players do well in a context where they are subject to constraints that do not exist anywhere else?

A big thank you to Susan Haimet and Florent Guyennon, members of the board of directors of the Tech France Advocates association, who honoured us with their presence on this occasion.